The Last Shangrila - A Magical Buddhist Kingdom


About Bhutan

Popular Destination in Bhutan

Locked away between the northeastern states of India and on the foothills of the eastern Himalayas is the magical kingdom of Bhutan; also known as 'Druk Yul' or 'The Land of the Thunderbolt Dragon'. Though the last Himalayan Kingdom that still reveres its Monarch, it has gradually transitioned into modern democracy. Bhutan is a stunningly captivating country in landscape, scenery, culture and architecture; the major festivals in Bhutan feature mask dances and costumes that reflect its rich and colourful culture and Buddhism infused heritage.

Bhutan is also popularly known as the land of 'Gross National Happiness'. The people are dominantly Buddhist and are of Tibetan origin with 'Dzongkha' being the official language. Most people still adorn the national costume 'Kira' ( gho for Men ). Archery is the national sport and competitions are plenty.



Bhutan's predominantly alpine landscape, pristine forests and rivers and jagged outer-edge Himalayan peaks make it ideal for moderate hikes and treks to the more strenuous and challenging ones. The off the beaten track trails are too many to encounter on one visit alone. The country has managed to retain its immaculate scenery and environment because of the way in which it regulates the flow of tourists into the country; though there are private travel and trekking agencies in Bhutan, they are regulated and payments are channeled through the government agencies – so you pay what everyone else pays, and of course, you are ensured a smooth and gratifying adventure during your holiday in the country.

Bhutan offers the choicest of holidays for adventure seekers like hikers and trekkers who can get a taste of spectacular scenery and rarely traversed trails that also give you a glimpse of its rich flora and fauna. One will also encounter typical Bhutanese village and farm life, rustic and traditional but organized. As one journeys through these trails, one will get an idea of the old trade and even smuggling routes. The country is also a birdwatchers delight; wild elephants still roam the southern plains of Bhutan and the rivers are infested with Himalayan trout.

Cultural Tours give you a colourful and vibrant insight into Bhutan's festivals, dance, culture and religion. Infact, your itinerary will focus on this time of the year. This tour will also most definitely give you a deep understanding of how much devotion the Bhutanese have of Buddhism; you will also visit numerous monasteries and also the stunningly located monastery of Taktshang which is perched on a cliff.



Accommodation can vary from the more traditional to luxury five star resorts and hotels with all modern amenities with access to golf courses. No matter what your choice of accommodation may be, you will undoubtedly feel the warm Bhutanese hospitality and ambience with architecture reminiscent of Bhutan.



Access to Bhutan can either be the direct flight to Paro airport in Bhutan with its national flag carrier Druk Air or by road from India and Nepal. Druk Air connects major cities in India and also Bangkok; Kathmandu is also directly connected. Indian Railways also runs parallel to the southern belt of Bhutan.


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