Why Adventure Steps Nepal

There is a wide variety of Travel and Trek Companies that operate trips to Nepal; both in Nepal and abroad, and is a hard decision to make as a traveler to make when choosing a trustworthy and professionally reliable company which will ensure that your trip is memorable one without any hassles.

Thus, we outline the following reasons why choosing us as your travel service provider will be a wise decision on your part.


We are a Local Company

Adventure Steps Nepal Pvt. Ltd. is a local Nepalese company run by a team of seasoned Nepalese tourism professionals who have made their way up the ladder from working as a porter to a trek leader to a tourism entrepreneur; this means valuable local knowledge in all aspects of your travel. The money that you spend for our services goes towards generating employment and helps to alleviate poverty and uplifts local communities. Globally based international companies are merely mediators who run their businesses with second and third parties; which mean their prices are two to three fold as each party takes its percentage when a client books a trip. With us, you are directly in the hands of the local people who are physically involved in your trips to Nepal.


We are an Authorized, Recognized and Experienced Company

Adventure Steps Nepal Pvt. Ltd. has met all the legal and professional requirements that are required to run a company of credible local and international repute; we are there for the long run. We are registered with national and international tourism organizations and have been accredited for operating treks, tours, expeditions, safaris, mountain flights, white water rafting and various adventure activities and cultural and historical tours. In addition, our services extend beyond the borders to Bhutan, Tibet and India.


We hire Local Experts and Promote Local Products

We have employees who are seasoned experts in their respective fields; infact, many of them hail from areas where we operate our tours and treks. In addition, we give emphasis to the use of local products and this ensures the upliftment of local indigenous communities.


Extensive Services

We here at Adventure Steps Nepal started with Treks and Expeditions and Cultural Tours, but over the years and through on the job experience, have garnered enough expertise and know-how to conduct a wide field of tourism activities which may include white water rafting, wildlife safari, ticketing, hotel reservations, cultural and village tours, paragliding, bungee jumping, helicopter charters and mountain flights and much more.


Environmentally Conscious

The advent of tourism along with it brings environmental concerns and this is a matter of utmost priority for us. In order to reduce or eradicate impact on the environment due to human activity, we regularly conduct trainings and seminars to teach the members of our team how even a few small preventive measures can safeguard the Himalayan landscape, its beauty and local culture. Carrying your own water bottle, using kerosene instead of firewood and carrying back non-perishable items are some measures we undertake.


Corporate Social Responsibility

It is the moral and social responsibility of companies to give back to the community from where we reap benefits. Taking this into account, we have taken measures and have engaged ourselves in activities to bring shelter, healthcare, nutrition, education and awareness to the rural communities. Some with direct involvement and others with international and national assistance.


Our Services are 24 / 7

Our offices are open from Sunday to Friday from 8: 00 am to 6: 00 pm (longer in the peak seasons). However, you can contact us anytime through our online services with regard to our services and with any other queries you may have pertaining to your travel plans.


High Success Rate


Adventure Steps Nepal Pvt. Ltd. has had a 98 % success rate in its travel operations and is consistently working towards offering services at the highest level of customer satisfaction. We aim to reach unmatched professional standards by providing the best guides, itineraries, activities and accommodation at highly competitive prices; we do not cut corners to bring down our rates and compromise on our services, but will guarantee that you every penny that you spend comes with an adventure.


Partnership Flexibility

We do not have a rigid policy when it comes to organizing your trip and itinerary; we are open to discussion so that our clients may have a say in their travel plans too. Our flexibility will ensure mutual understanding and benefits for our clients, because we know our satisfied guests will be future ambassadors for promoting tourism in Nepal.