Cancellation Policies



First and foremost, we strongly advise you to meticulously go through the terms and conditions before booking any trips with us. You are advised that once you submit the booking form, you are bound by the Terms & Conditions. Please go through the Terms & Conditions that govern the relationship between Adventure Steps (Adventure Steps Pvt. Ltd.; hereinafter referred to as "The Company”) and you (the Client). The Company ( Registration No…………….. ) and the Client will agree to the Terms & Conditions that are laid out in the contract and will these Terms & Conditions as legal reference to settle any legal or other disputes that may arise after signing of the contract, during the trip (s) and until all final payments are made.


Any product, itinerary that is listed in our official brochures and websites that you may buy / purchase from us will be referred to as a 'Trip'. These will include Treks, Tours, Expeditions and other adventure and tourism related programs.

A booking only becomes final and legally binding only after the company sends a confirmation email or correspondence of such nature and contract between the client and the company comes into effect.

The company reserves the right to increase or decrease rates before you receive your confirmation and before the contract comes into effect.

You are also reminded that the company is liable or responsible for any warranty, collateral agreement (s), prior agreements(s), description of services, or conditions, other than those outlined herein.


A. Nepal Trips

You are required to make a 20% deposit of the total trip cost at the time of booking and the remaining 80 % of the total trip cost upon arrival in Kathmandu and before your trip departure from the Kathmandu on your trips to Nepal.

The deposit should be sent to the company. Tailor-made trips may require a higher deposit or even full payment at the time of booking. Therefore, if the deposit is different from what is stated in the clause herein, you will be duly notified by the company at the time of booking.

Payment Modes

Deposits for booking can be made by bank transfer, by Credit Card (Visa or Master) and Western Union.

A. Payment by Credit Card (Master Card and Visa Card)

Kindly download the payment from here, print it out and fill in the necessary details, including your credit card details, signature, print it and email the form to Adventure Steps NepalTreks and Expeditions Pvt. Ltd. Please be advised that there is a 4 % surcharge on payments made by Credit Card.

B. Wire / Bank Transfer Payments.

The following are our Bank Details for Wire / Bank Transfers:

Name of A/C Holder:

A/C Number:

A/C Type:

Payee Bank:

Bank Address:

P.O. Box No:

Bank Telephone No(s):



Swift Code:

Note: The Service Charges of the bank have to be paid by the clients themselves at the time of deposit.

Please be informed that the company is not liable for any delay or loss that may result during the transfer process. If for any reason that the amount received by us (the company) is less than the amount sent, you are requested to compensate for the difference on arrival so that it meets the cost of the product / services quoted.

You are also kindly requested to email us the Bank Reference Number and Remittance Slips before you initiate the transfer. The bank may sometimes forward the money under a different name and these details will help us to verify our claim.


A. Nepal Trips

All final payments relating to treks, tours, expeditions, climbing, rafting, or any trips to Nepal can be made upon arrival in Nepal and before the trip departure. Such payments can be made by bank transfer, cash or by credit card (Master or Visa Card). There is a 4 % surcharge on all payments made by credit cards and this is applicable to all payments, deposits, final balances and trip extensions.


Cancellations of any nature by the client must be sent in writing and duly acknowledged by the company. The cancellation charges to be levied by the company will be determined by the date on which the request to cancel is received.

A. Cancellation of Nepali Trips 7 days or more days prior to departure will amount to 20 % Loss of Deposit.

B. Cancel of Nepal Trips Less than 6 days prior departure will amount to 100 % of cost of services booked.


Adventure Steps Nepal Pvt. Ltd. reserves the right to cancel any booking, trip; which may include a confirmed / guaranteed trip prior to departure due to circumstances beyond the control of the company. Such circumstances / situations may include natural disasters and calamities, flight cancellations, strikes, weather conditions, industrial action, wars, riots, epidemics, quarantine, government intervention or other untoward and unforeseen circumstances.

Under such circumstances, Adventure Steps Nepal Pvt. Ltd. will refund the deposited amount after making deductions of the cost that has been incurred for making preparations for the trip.


Clients must hold a passport having at least 6 months validity from the date of return. Nepalese Visas are obtainable from Nepalese Embassies / Consulates overseas or in your country or on arrival at Kathmandu Airport. You visit our page on Nepal Visa for detailed info.


Complaints of any nature should be immediately lodged with the operator / leader / guide so that he may take immediate action to resolve the issue/


Travel, and especially adventure travel, involves a certain element of risk and uncertainties. Though we here at Adventure Steps Nepal Pvt. Ltd. will try everything in our professional means to make your trip as successful and hassle-free as possible; however, certain factors are beyond our control and these may include landslides, road blockages, floods, snow, political unrest, flight cancellations, delays, sickness and accidents, weather and climate. We are, therefore, not liable for damages, injuries or even death resulting from such circumstances.