Adventure Activity


This activity is conducted from a bridge located over the Bhote Koshi River into a gorge which is considered to be the deepest; so this is not for the faint-hearted, however, the jumps have seen people from all age groups and walks of life participate. It is conducted by a team of professional individuals who rate as world class in this field and so far nothing untoward has been reported; only people coming back for more and more.Bhote Koshi is easily accessible by road from Kathmandu and one can make it back to the city in a day; however, staying at one of the popular riverside resorts is recommended as it is a very pleasurable experience – unwinding after an exciting plunge over a glass of wine or chilled beer and barbecues – a calming effect after a dose of adrenaline.


The popular tourist town of Pokhara with its tranquil lake surrounded by lush forests, imposing snow clad peaks that rise suddenly in the background, provides the backdrop for this aerial adventure which gives you exhilarating aerial views of this gorgeous Annapurna region that is speckled with glacial lakes, rivers, alpine forests, glaciers and main township of Pokhara on the edges of Phewa Taal ( Phewa Lake ).The jump or take off starts at Sarangkot Hill ( 1500 metres / 4970 feet ) and rises up 500 metres from the hill on thermal air – taking you up to soaring heights. The views of Annapurna and Dhaulagiri ranges combined with the plunging valleys is a feast for the eyes and the motorless flight is an eagle eye experience.  The sense of freedom that one feels swirling down gradually is incomparable to any other experience. You will descend unto the banks of the Phewa Lake to make your way to your hotel or if you so desire a hike along the banks or a boat ride.Pokhara is easily accessible by flight ( approx. 22 minutes ) and by road ( 7 hours approx. ). A two to three night stay is recommended if you choose to engage in other adventure activities. People who have onward journeys, especially treks to the Everest or Annapurna Regions, can proceed from here either by flight or road. Likewise, for rafting and wildlife enthusiasts.


A relatively new activity that also commences in Sarangkot Hill; this is a sheer vertical drop of 2000 feet and 1895 meters  long on a cable where you are suspended ( securely strapped ). You then ride down at speeds of 100 mph. The distance is covered in 2 minutes. Considering the incline and the distance, this is the world's longest and most exciting zip line ride. There are weight restrictions ( not more than 125 kgs ) and people with neck complications or problems cannot take this ride.


Another feature in adventure-filled Pokhara is ultra-light flights conducted over and around the valley. Though you fly in a micro-light, single engine craft, it is just you and the pilot seated in an open' lightweight aircraft with a chance to fly along side eagles and other birds. With a chance to get a 360 degree view, you are treated to spectacular aerial adventure and the sights down below of Pokhara with its surrounding valleys, lakes and glaciers. The mountains are seen from a different perspective. A slightly different experience from paragliding. The pilots and operators are seasoned professionals with internationally accredited licences and have a fair number of years of experience. The flight takes off from Pokhara airport and concludes there.


Over the decades, mountain biking have picked up immense popularity among foreigners and locals alike. There are many options to approach this activity; you can choose the moderately easy foothill-low-level trails in and around the valley of Kathmandu or even other townships like Pokhara or go for the steep and challenging downhill rides with natural barriers and obstacles that may require a certain degree of experience. Depending on your needs and level of endurance and skill, one can even ride cross country length and breadth of the country – west to east or North to south.Depending on your budget, there are numerous bicycles easily available for hire at various outlets or even with your travel or trekking agents. From top of the line professional to average family-requirement bikes, they are easily available for a reasonable fee.