About Us 

We make your wishes come true

With a wide variety of knowledge and experience, our team is waiting to share their expertise with you to ensure you choose the right Trek.

Adventure Step Pvt. Ltd ( Affiliated to TAAN ) comprises of a team of highly seasoned and professional individuals who have come together to offer services and itineraries that go the extra mile for customer satisfaction; the goal of the company is a long term vision to establish a sustainable, eco-friendly travel company that will allow its clients to experience the very best of Nepal's awe-inspiring Himalayan beauty and its rich and diverse culture.Very close attention has been paid to ensure that the individuals involved in the management, logistics, services are people who have committed their lives to travel in Nepal and in areas beyond its borders like Tibet, Bhutan and India. So, the people involved in Adventure Steps have in depth and expert knowledge of the region not just in terms of travel, but all the aspects connected with it – safety, security, comfort, tariff, etc.